Confused by wine?

Check out the Wine ABC's section. It contains a few wine basics that will help you feel comfortable ordering something different the next time you go out. You can also check out the Basic Juice articles that will give you the freshest wine and food knowledge without any annoying winesnob-speak.

We hesitate to call them classes

A little knowledge goes a long way. Are you in the Salt Lake City area? Basic Juice now offers wine classes guaranteed to make you feel 100% more comfortable the next time a waiter brings the wine list to your table. Check out the classes section and see what we would love to teach you. We'll even tailor a class to your group's interests. Learn. Taste. Enjoy!

A little Wine Blog Goodness

Check out the super-active Basic Juice Wine Blog. It's about wine, food, music, culture and enticing errata..and it's updated every single day. Discover the wild world of blogging. Visit the blog here: basicjuice.blogs.com

Upon Further Review

We love wine. We taste a lot of wine. Our wine review process is actually quite simple. Click here if you want ro read about our review process in detail. Basic Juice accepts samples for its independent reviews. Find out how to submit wine for review here.

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